Saturday, 5 December 2009

Header Picture!

Several people have asked me about the picture i have on my was taken by my lovely husband on our last trip to Portugal in October 2008.

It is a view from the clifftops at of my most favourite places on this earth that i have had the pleasure of visiting............the coastline in this area is scattered with gorgeous little sandy coves and the most stunning of all is the beach at Praia de Coelha...................just writing this makes me want to be year again hopefully!! And yes, that is me 'sunning' myself, not some weird sea creature that got washed up with the tide.... ........don't have far to walk to get my delicious freshly squeezed orange juice do i.... just nip up to the fabby little restaurant that you see at the top!

see you on 13th January ;-D
Carol x

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  1. Wish to have a chance to visit this place someday.... Thanks for sharing, Carol...